Stress Relief

Stress can come from many different sources and is often a trigger for chronic illness if not treated promptly. Common factors that create stress including: emotional, physical, and/or nutritional imbalance.

Dr. Eap specializes in stress healthcare, especially post-traumatic stress syndrome.

 When stress is caused by emotional imbalance, one might experience withdrawal from social activities. Things that may cause emotional imbalance include: death of a love one, unhappiness with work or boss, financial security fears, etc. On the other hand, physical stress can be caused by injuries, body pain, physical abuse, etc. Sometimes nutritional imbalance can also be a factor of physical stress, but sometimes it can be a factor of its own. For example, if you eat something that your body does not agree with, the body will react; you may cough, itch, have trouble breathing, bloat, experience excessive body odor, have excessive gas, or get diarrhea. It’s important to know what kind of food your body can tolerate to avoid nutritional imbalance.

In addition, Dr. Eap also specializes in pre- and post-operation care to heal emotional, physical, and/or nutritional imbalance.

Learn more by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Eap so she can explain your specific situation and identify the root cause of your stress and create a healing plan for you.

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