Geomancy Consultations

Geomancy is the ancient art of analyzing and harmonizing the health of the land underneath a home or an office.  We are not the original inhabitants.  The land we walk on has existed for billions of years.  Geomancy has concerned itself with the effect of the people and cultures who lived on this land before us and may have left remnants of their existence in this land such as the imprints of their rituals and ceremonies, graves and tombs, etc.  These energies can cause negative effects on the individuals that work and live on the properties.


The goal of Geomancy is to work with the property in order to balance and harmonize the land so that it frees up the energies to help bring people to an optimal level of health and wellness.

Our Geomancy services include:

  • Analysis of the land parcel in question and identifing natural and man-made energetic problems.   Natural problems are caused by the energy emitted from natural earth features such as fault lines, underground water lines, caves, etc.  Man-made problems arise from energetic patterns created by ancient people such as ritual grounds, ceremonial grounds, battlegrounds, ancient graves and tombs, etc.
  • Utilizing multiple clearing techniques and applying remedies when needed so as to balance any negative earth energies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is a Geomancy consultation like?

A:  We need the initial interview and site plan.  We then “tune-in” to your land to find the areas causing the problems and the remedies needed.  This evaluation may take several days.  Then at the on-site visit, we will physically locate the problem areas and implement the remedies.  Several visits may be needed for us to locate the problem areas and clear or remedy the negative energies.  Each on-site visit lasts 2- 8 hours.

All of the above consultations can be performed together or one at a time.

For all consultations, usually  a follow-up consultation either through phone or on-site is needed.

Q:  How often do people need to have a Feng Shui consultation?

A:  The Advanced consultations and Earth Energies evaluation can be done at any time after the Basic consultation.  In Asia, people have consultations every year and whenever they encounter problems in their lives.  Annual consultations are like the annual physical examinations we have for our health.  Remember, our dwellings are a living space; they can be sick and need a “doctor” too.

Q:  How much does it cost?

A:  Our fees vary depending on the site, project and level of consultation.  There is a minimum fee of $395.00 for Feng Shui consultations and $1,000.00 for Earth Energies evaluation.  An additional fee applies for travel time if the project is 60 miles or more away from Charlotte, North Carolina.

We are happy to provide you with specific information that would relate to your properties.  We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Q:  How can Feng Shui and Geomancy help?

A:  There is a Chinese saying:  “The factors influencing the good fortune and blessings in life are ranked as follows:

  1. the first is the right opportunity (being at the right place at the right time)
  2. the second is one’s destiny
  3. the third is Feng Shui
  4. the fourth is one’s deeds (good and bad)
  5. and the fifth is one’s education”

Typically our clients feel improvement in their life after Feng Shui and/or Geomancy consultations.

The degree of improvement varies depending on the levels of Feng Shui done, the client’s destiny, deeds and education, and most importantly on the “time and space” factors. On a few rare occasions, we were not able to resolve the clients’ complaints even though they feel changes in other aspects of their life.

For a Geomancy Consultation, please call 704-527-8089 or email us at DrEap@DrEap.net.


Classes & Seminars

We also offer weekend seminars, short classes and free educational classes for the general public and private audience on Feng Shui and Geomancy.

If you are interested in having Dr. Eap’s seminars and classes, please call us at 704-527-8089 for schedule and availability of the classes.


Appointments & Cost for Geomancy:

  • Geomancy consultations are by appointments only.
  • Expect 2 – 5 hours of work done for onsite Geomancy consultation.
  • Cost for onsite Geomancy consultation is $395/hour with a minimum of one hour. 
  • Recommended Geomancy remedies are sold separately and are not included in the cost for consultation. Geomancy remedies vary for each home owner.


In August 2011, our area was hit with a tropical storm that flooded our area and not too long after we were hit with an earthquake magnitude of 5.8.  Many of our neighbors suffered lots of damages from both natural disasters, but strangely, our home was unaffected. 

- T. Nguyen, Chantilly, VA

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