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Health is a manifestation of your environmental influences, your diet, your physical shape and emotions. Illness can result from an imbalance of these factors. It is one way that our bodies communicate with us, alerting us to situations that may need correcting. Because health is always changing due to the stresses we encounter, it is normal to “lose it” every now and then in order to regain it in a better way. The true aim of medical help should be to identify the stresses of the patient’s life and work together with the patient to help him or her achieve greater health and happiness.


Leang Eap, N.D. is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. She is a member of the AANP (American Association of Naturopathic Medicine) and of the NCANP (North Carolina Association of Naturopathic Medicine). She is a licensed physician in Washington State. While naturopathic physicians are licensed in other states, no such provision currently exists in the Carolinas. Therefore, in North Carolina, Dr. Eap is not functioning as a medical physician, she does not profess to be a medical physician, and she does not diagnose or treat diseases. She  is a wellness provider using a holistic approach where the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects of patients are recognized to be interrelated for optimum health. She practices healing arts that rely on the body’s inherent healing capacity and utilizes a wide range of therapeutic systems to work with the body to assist healing.

Dr. Eap provides complementary medicine services using Naturopathic Medicine and Clinical Kinesiology. She offers preventative medicine and also works with patients with acute and chronic conditions to optimize their health in both the physical level as well as in the emotional level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How is Dr. Eap different from other practitioners?

A:  Normally, when we are sick and seek medical help, most practitioners use a doctor-driven system, meaning the doctors are the ones who dictate the course of treatment.  The therapies used in this system are of a trial-and-error nature.  There is a typical “cook book” approach to a problem.  If you had a history of migraine headaches a practitioner would treat patients with the symptoms the same way.

Dr. Eap, however, treats the person rather than the disease; therefore she does not use a “cook book recipe” for the patient’s complaints.  The treatment for each patient is tailored to the patient’s needs.  In addition to the standard healing methods learned by most naturopaths, Dr. Eap utilizes Aromatherapy, Polarity, Cranial Therapy, Flower Essences, and the effects of environmental influences such as Feng Shui.  With the use of Clinical Kinesiology, Dr. Eap lets the patient’s body dictate the course of treatment and chooses the most appropriate healing modalities. The responsibility of health is therefore returned back to the patient.

Q: What is a consultation with Dr. Eap like?

A:  We are each born with certain strengths and weaknesses.  From a Naturopathic point of view, we are born with a particular “constitution”, that is, a genetic predisposition towards certain illnesses or weak areas in the body.  When the body is stressed by a lifestyle, poor diet, major traumas or injuries (old and new), toxins, negative emotions etc., we may develop conditions based on our constitutional weaknesses.  Therefore, two people exposed to similar stresses may react differently; one may have a runny nose while the other suffers from headaches.

There is no one definite cause for illnesses; it is the result of imbalance in one or several levels including the physical, nutritional and emotional levels.  These conditions change from person to person.

Therefore, during the first visit (1 1/2 hour), Dr. Eap takes all information pertaining to your complaints such as nature of the complaints, medical history, family history, diet, lifestyle, past and present stressful incidents such as divorce, death of loved ones, etc.  Any of these factors can have a profound affect on the patient’s health, so she takes extra time to record her patient’s in-depth history to look for the key clues that could be contributing to her patient’s problem.  After assessing the case, she makes recommendations on diet, lifestyle and exercise; she also helps the patient by using specific treatments and modalities.

Each treatment is unique and tailored to the patient.  The treatment could be on all levels (physical, nutritional, energetic and emotional).  For example, there could be 10 people with a history of migraine headaches that are all treated differently.  One may need more nutrition, another may have to have a change in their lifestyle, someone else may need acupressure, etc…  Through the use of muscle resistance testing, the patient’s body guides Dr. Eap to the healing modalities needed such as acupressure, massage, manipulation, homeopathy, herbs, and other modalities.  Dr. Eap does not have protocols for diseases because she treats the patient’s health and not the disease.  If needed, Dr. Eap will refer the patient to medical doctors and other specific practitioners.

During the follow-up visits (45 minutes to 1 hour), Dr. Eap spends at least 5 to 10 minutes to assess the change in the complaints and then continues to treat the patient for the rest of the visit.   Typically, the next therapy is as different as looking into the next piece of the puzzle of the patient’s health because as Dr. Eap treats one problem, the other problems that have been hidden now on surface; it’s like peeling layers of an onion.

Dr. Eap recognizes the trust that must exist between doctors and patients if true healing and learning is to take place. She considers it as a privilege to work with each individual.  Dr. Eap’s use of Clinical Kinesiology provides the opportunity for the patient’s body to communicate exactly what it needs through changes in muscle strength.  This allows for your treatment to be directed by your body combined with your history, and results from your medical diagnostic tests all help Dr. Eap expand your treatment possibilities to its fullest.

Q:  What does Dr. Eap specialize in?

A:  Dr. Eap treats all symptoms and specializes in:

  • Stress Healthcare
  • Trauma Recovery
  • Adolescence Health including Athletic and Academic Performance

Q:  What other conditions does Dr. Eap treat besides her specialty?

A:  Dr. Eap works with patients to improve their overall health. People who come see Dr. Eap have a wide range of complaints, which have been caused by extremely diverse sets of stress. These patients may have acute and chronic physical symptoms of:

  • Allergies / Hay Fever
  • Anxiety, Heart Palpitations
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer
  • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Fertility problems / recurrent miscarriages
  • Food Hypersensitivities
  • Gastro-Intestinal conditions (Bloating, Crohn’s disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Gastritis, Constipation, Diarrhea, etc.)
  • Headaches / migraines
  • Hemorrhoids
  • High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol
  • Hormonal problems (Thyroid conditions, adrenal exhaustion)
  • Infections
  • Injuries and trauma
  • Pain (neck, shoulder, back, extremities)
  • Respiratory problems: cold, flu, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc..
  • Skin conditions / rashes / eczema / psoriasis
  • Urinary tract infections / cystitis
  • Women health / menstrual cramps / irregular menses / menopause
  • Genetic problems (XXY syndrome, Down Syndrome)
  • Idiopathic or unknown problems such as “not be able to drink water”

Many of Dr. Eap’s patients have suffered from emotional conditions such as grief, depression, “broken heart”, frustration, resentment, anger, “road rage”, fear, anxiety, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and negative familial patterns.

Q:  How many visits do I need? How often do I need to see Dr. Eap?

A:  There is no simple answer to the question of health; each person is different. As we go through life, each of us accumulates layers of stress in our body.  These layers can be thought of as the layers of an onion; at the center is your core, or constitution, and the layers surrounding the core are your body’s response to emotional and physical trauma, poor diet, toxins, stress, etc.  Dr. Eap’s treatments have several goals:

  • The first is to “peel off” some of the layers which compromise your health.
  • The second goal is to help strengthen your immune system so that you are less likely to become ill and can recover from illnesses quickly.
  • The third goal is to help you discover ways to promote your own health.  This may include changes in your lifestyle and diet, as well as learning better ways to recognize and deal with the stresses you encounter.

This is a process, and while many people experience immediate relief from their symptoms, some patients will have to “peel off several layers” before their body begins to feel better.  Therefore, the number and frequency of the visits depends on the patient’s constitution, the number, severity and duration of the complaints, the compliance of the patient, the will of the patient, and other factors determines each person’s needs and outcome. This healing process requires the patient to actively participate in his or her own journey toward better health.

Q:  How many supplements do I need to take and for how long?

A:  It varies from one patient to another based on the constitution of the patient, the severity and duration of the problems as well as the compliance of the patient with the treatment program.  Some patients just need to know how to change the diet and lifestyle; others may simply need a $3.00 single dose of homeopathic remedy.  There are even others who need several hundred dollars of herbal formulas and supplements for several months or years.  Everything is dependent on how deep the problem is and is the health of the patient.

Q:  Does Dr. Eap utilize Acupuncture?

A:  Dr. Eap balances the acupuncture meridian system by performing Laser Acupuncture and/or Acupressure on specific points to alleviate the patient’s problems.  The laser and the gentle rubbing is usually painless and extremely effective.  She also uses Chinese Medicine which utilizes techniques like Herbology to help balance the Acupuncture system.

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Appointments can be made by calling (704) 527-8089 or email to:  DrEap@DrEap.net.


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I came to see Dr Eap for two purposes. The first was to co-ordinate care for two long-term medical conditions; the second was to see if she could help me deal with grief I continue to have over the passing of my Mom. I was also grieving the death of our pet.

For the first issue, Dr Eap suggested certain supplements that will build my health to a better level, so as to compliment the medical course I am following. I feel much better, and will continue with these supplements.

As to the second purpose, we met twice to deal with my grief. I am so very happy to report that our sessions worked wonders for me. I feel lighter, like a great weight has been lifted from my heart. I feel connected to those I had thought lost to me.

I am so glad I met with her for the help with the grief. It changed my life for the better.

-Ann B. Matthews, NC

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