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I met Dr. Eap in 1996, shortly after she came to Charlotte, N C.

She has brought under control the asthma and allergies that had been a part of my life since the age of three years. At one time I had taken allergy shots twice per week. By 1996, the shots were no longer effective. Now I seldom have problems with allergies.

When the medical doctor told me in 1999, that I was going deaf in one ear and would soon need a hearing aid. I discussed it with Dr. Eap. She put me on a medication that I took for one year. I still take it whenever my ear hurts. I have never returned to the ENT doctor for any additional help. I do not need a hearing aide.

Most recently, I attended one of Dr. Eap’s group sessions on weight loss and total detoxification of the entire body. It is a 3 week regimen that requires taking some cleansing pills and drinking a protein shake several times a day. The routine was not difficult. During the past year, I dieted most days but not rigorously. I lost from 195 to 160 lbs. during the year. I am a senior citizen but I am on no medications that are prescribed by a medical doctor. Each year I have the mandatory office visit with the medical doctor who checks heart, blood and cholesterol levels. All my reports are good and he knows that I visit Dr. Eap.

Many of my old ailments have been brought under control. They cannot all be listed here.

I thank Dr. Eap for moving to Charlotte and helping me to live a healthier and happier life.

- D. M., Fort Mill, SC

I am a cancer survivor of (7) years. I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and went to conventional doctors. I received conventional treatment – chemotherapy, radiation, pills etc and I also endured a stem cell transplant. While this helped fight the cancer it was also toxic and I did not feel very well. I suffered from severe fatigue and my body was not at peace. I sought out other means of keeping healthy.

I met Dr. Leang Kim Eap who is a doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. I learned with the help of Dr. Eap alternative methods of taking care of myself. I learned extensively about nutrition, botanicals, acupressure, homeopathy and aromatherapy.

The treatments and knowledge has given me comfort physically, spiritually and emotionally. I have more energy, flexibility and endurance even my golf game has improved. I don’t have aches, pains and fatigue like I did before and most importantly my cancer is in remission. I feel the healthiest I have ever been and I thank Dr. Eap for all of the knowledge, support and continued alternative methods and treatments that have made my quality of life incredible.

-William Hall, Rock Hill, SC

I came to see Dr Eap for two purposes. The first was to co-ordinate care for two long-term medical conditions; the second was to see if she could help me deal with grief I continue to have over the passing of my Mom. I was also grieving the death of our pet.

For the first issue, Dr Eap suggested certain supplements that will build my health to a better level, so as to compliment the medical course I am following. I feel much better, and will continue with these supplements.

As to the second purpose, we met twice to deal with my grief. I am so very happy to report that our sessions worked wonders for me. I feel lighter, like a great weight has been lifted from my heart. I feel connected to those I had thought lost to me.

I am so glad I met with her for the help with the grief. It’s changed my life for the better.

- Ann B., Matthews, NC

I was skeptical of Feng Shui until I met Dr. Eap. We were getting ready to sell our house, and she was recommended to me. It wasn’t until I sat down with her and started talking about all the things going on in my life, fertility issues, marriage issues, money issues, that I realized they all started when we bought the house several years prior. She walked me through the house and was able to physically show me where the weaknesses were in the house and how they affected me emotionally and physically. A huge revelation was the fact that we had two different staircases. To quote Dr Eap, “Two staircases, two different ideas.” And it was so true as my husband used one staircase and I the other. She was also able to identify a waterline running under our bed that was the partially to blame for the fertility problems. After Dr Eap was Feng Shuing through our house, the relationship with my husband improved and our ability to hold onto money increased tremendously. I even had her Feng Shui my office at Wachovia Brokerage where I was Sr Vice President,and our sailboat which we currently live on in the Caribbean! I will never buy another house again without consulting Dr Eap. I am forever grateful to her and her abilities, plus, I really like, and admire her as a person! Thank you so much Dr Eap for all you have done for my family!

-Carla BeDell, Caribbean Islands

I have enjoyed my job at a small company for nearly four years. Better put, I had been enjoying what I was doing within the company. However, I frequently felt irritable and mentally drained at the end of each day. Relations with co-workers put a lot of strain on me.

Within an hour after the Feng Shui consultation with Dr. Eap, the transformation of my personal office space had begun. Several re-arrangements were made, most subtle, but with great results. Other fixes have been implemented over the past few weeks, with more enhancements gradually to follow.

The difference is amazing! I feel very thankful for my office and my current position. My improved work environment means I feel better and have more energy at the end of the day to enjoy other things in life. Dr. Eap and Linh, you have changed my life for the better.

-Lisa M., Charlotte, NC

In spring of 2000 I engaged Leang & Linh to help me conduct a Feng Shui analysis of my residential property, house & .3 acre lot in the Eastover section of Charlotte.

What these two sisters found was truly fascinating! Inside the living space, there were a total of 10 significant energy situations that were cleared and resolved by variations of Feng Shui remedies, as well as special prayers and cleansing practices. There were also 5 significant underground water and fault conditions in the land that needed attention and resolve. I applied all of their recommendations with lots of curiosity and wonder.

Soon after this experience, I began a marvelous new adventure into the most delightful relationship of my life! I began a new consulting project serving the most exciting new business client of my career in Brazil in September 2000. On my second trip there in November of 2000, I met a Brazilian woman who was a friend of my client! She is the perfect match for my own life journey. We married in São Paulo in November 2001, and this is where I now reside. Prior to the beginning of this new adventure & this series of events, I had not traveled farther south than Grand Bahamas, nor even imagined living in another country!

I have been on an intense spiritual journey into consciousness, and have become accustomed to receiving much new insight prior to the Feng Shui consulting. During a period of 3 years immediately prior, I had been taking kinesiology & emotional health counsel from Dr. Eap. In her Feng Shui workshop I attended, Leang in her wisdom makes it very clear that it is the whole life practice that is important when looking for help using Feng Shui.

Within the context of this time of change, I also resolved a significant set of old beliefs & practices that had kept my financial affairs very complicated for a long time. I now live a relatively simple life compared to my old aggressive consumerism of the past. I am certain that the clearing of old energies and becoming aware of new options was really important in helping me to realize these new ways to be superior to my previous patterns of a kind of “poverty consciousness.” I am beginning to see & enjoy the financial fruits of this new orientation, and am truly grateful.

The Feng Shui remedies and art that I collected as a result of learning from Leang & Linh’s counsel also helped me to produce a most tranquil and beautiful environment within my home, which was the most profound “nest” of my physical living to that time. I am certain that the help from these two sisters was a significant contribution to my well-being and transition into the most delightful new life in Brazil. I highly recommend them in this regard.

-John B. Duncan, São Paulo, Brasil

Our family was referred to Dr Eap by a successful Chiropractic Physician who highly recommended her ability to properly feng shui our home. Dr Eap has an extensive knowledge of the art of feng shui and has studied from some of the best teachers world-wide. We are still amazed at the difference it has made in our lives! We saw immediate significant improvements in our child’s behavior and overall comfort in our home. We also continue to notice on-going benefits. We have had an increase in abundance of our cash flow, our home-based business, bonuses, friendships, relationships, career, health, etc… We are very thankful for all of the benefits we have received. We appreciate Dr Eap very much and highly recommend her to others.

- HD, Charlotte, NC

Since the Feng Shui has been completed on our yard and home by Dr. Eap and Ms Linh Trang, I have experienced increased physical energy, clearer mental abilities and more clarity emotionally. Finances also seem to have become more abundant. I am starting new projects easily. The creativity has started flowing. I certainly would recommend Dr. Eap’s Feng Shui class as well as her personal consultations.

-K R, Matthews, North Carolina

After making only a few simple changes and rearranging a few things, within two weeks my husband was offered a new job. Our house sold sixteen days after putting it on the market for the full asking price.

-Marsha D., Northport, Al

Dr. Eap is knowledgeable and sensitive in the field of Feng Shui. By immediately employing the cures she suggested, we saw almost instantaneous results….. both of us experienced revitalization in our careers and subsequently an income increase. Guests immediately comment on how nice our home is and how comfortable it feels. We are pleased with the results we have gotten so far.

-D V, Charlotte, North Carolina

My personal energy is very good. I sleep very well. I have been able to sustain extended focus and creativity for longer periods with feeling depleted in my energy. (with Feng Shui) Dr. Eap and Ms. Trang are very skillful midwives for my giving birth to higher consciousness, increasing positive Chi, and the manifestation of more prosperity in my life.

-J D, Charlotte, North Carolina

It’s hard to believe, but ever since Dr. Eap Feng Shui-ed our townhouse, we noticed many positive changes in our lives. First, my husband and I both engaged in new and better job opportunities. We had our first child after five years of marriage (right after I finished my doctoral studies!). A few years ago, we were also able to sell our house within two weeks of listing and pocketed over 100K (only after living in our townhouse for 2 years). With the money we received from our townhouse sale, we were able to purchase a single home double our townhouse size! We again invited Dr. Eap to Feng Shui our new home and have been very satisfied with the opportunities we continue to see.

-Amy Trang, Ph.D., Fairfax, Virginia

My initial involvement with feng shui helped to resolve accident-prone areas in and around the home thanks to the medical guidance of Dr. Leang Eap. I suffered repeated injuries at my back entrace due to the invisible, yet cogent forces of energy gushing through the glass doors. A simple cure of hanging large crystals from red string in the transom of each door diffused that energy, rendering safe passage into the house.

I was grateful that Dr. Eap decided to offer instruction in the basics of feng shui through a workshop. I gained a foundation for understanding and implementing the fundamentals of this ancient art into my home, neighborhood, and life. My husband and I have clearly experienced the far-reaching effects and enhancements to our health, disposition, finances, relationships, travel and creativity. We can’t imagine life without feng shui.

 -Ann Kluttz, Concord, NC

We offer solutions for well-being and healthy living such as:

  • Complementary and Alternative Healing Services for the adults as well as for children including Naturopathic Care, Nutrition, Homeopathy, and Herbal Medicine.
  • Feng Shui for homes, offices and business.
  • Geomancy consultations for homes, offices and business.


Classes & Seminars:
We also offer weekend seminars, short classes and free educational classes for the general public and private audience on:

  • Health
  • Feng Shui
  • Geomancy

If you are interested in inviting Dr. Eap to give a lecture to your group, please call us at 704-527-8089


Hours of Operation:

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  • Emergency hours depend upon the nature of the problem. Please go to the Emergency Room if you are unable to contact us.


Appointments & Cost:

  • Upon your 1st visit, please expect to spend at least 1 1/2 hours for assessment and treatment. The consultation fee for the first visit is $450.
  • For regular follow-up visits, you may schedule 20 minutes, 30 minutes, or 60 minute sessions for treatment. Consultation fees are as follows:
    • 20 minute sessions are $120
    • 30 minute sessions are $160
    • 60 minute sessions are $300
    •  Hourly rate for charlotte patients and out of state patients is the same.
  • Online consultation – $300/hour (by phone or skype)
  • Recommended supplements are extra and vary for each patient.


Practice Policies:
We accept credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, cash, check, cashier check, money order and debit cards. At this time, most insurances policies in North Carolina do not cover for complementary medicine. If your insurance is based in a different state such as Oregon, Washington and California, they may cover for Naturopathic medicine. Please check with your insurance company.


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