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Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway) is known as the ancient Chinese art and science of the dynamic relationship between humans and their environment. It is the science of making you feel more comfortable in your own home. Basically, it involves analysis of the individual property to find any problem that affects the normal flow of energy. By identifying these problems, we can change the imbalance with techniques and remedies.


The goal for doing Feng Shui is to prevent and minimize the negative effects of an ill-built dwelling on its inhabitants so they can have maximum health and ability to function optimally.

Dr. Eap and Linh Trang are experienced Feng Shui consultants and speakers with more than 10 years of experience

Our Feng Shui services include:

  • Residential consultation
  • Commercial land development
  • On-site and off-site consultations for your business and/or home.
  • Analysis of a new design and remodeling
  • Analysis and clearing/remedying of electromagnetic problems in the dwelling.
  • Analysis and remedying the compatibility between your personal energies and environmental energies.
  • Yearly Feng Shui to benefit from the annual changes of the planetary energies.
  • Real Estate evaluation – Floor plan evaluation, Site selection, Seminar and Classes.
  • Seminars and classes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is Feng Shui?

A:  Feng Shui can be understood by using the metaphors of medicine, i.e. seeing a building like a person. We assume that buildings are static objects, therefore dead space. However, true dead spaces are areas such as cemeteries, tombs and mausoleums. We intuitively recognize that cemeteries or dead areas are for the deceased, not suitable for the living. Our dwelling may be inanimate, but the space within the building is continuously changing. It is our living quarters and as we live in this space, we are influenced by its nature.

All living things are subject to illness.  When a house is sick, the inhabitants become sick, i.e. a cluttered house is similar to a “constipated” house and its inhabitants will also be “constipated”, they may feel irritated and have physical constipation, or they may feel blocked in different aspects of their life such as relationship, career, finance, etc…. A house with a straight pathway from the front door to the back door has “diarrhea”.  Everything entering the house will go straight out without nourishing the rest of the house.  The house is therefore depleted of nutrition. People living in this house may experience the symptoms of diarrhea including fatigue, malnutrition, and ill-feeling.  They may find that they miss a lot of opportunities in life such as promotions, not meeting the “right guy”, etc…. A house with a stairway at the entrance is “anorexic”.  Anything entering the house goes out right away.  The house is also depleted energetically like the “diarrhea” house and the effects on the inhabitants are similar.

When we are sick, we go to a doctor.  When our pet is sick, we bring it to the veterinarian.  Similarly, when our house is sick, we bring in a Feng Shui practitioner.  Feng Shui problems can be considered as imbalances affecting the health of the space within a building.  Feng Shui practitioners are healers for sick buildings; they assess the “illness” of the house or imbalance causing problems to the inhabitants and treat it using different Feng Shui “cures” or “remedies”.  A Feng Shui consultation can be compared to a visit to a doctor.  Like any other illness, sometimes one visit to the doctor is all you need; sometimes several visits are needed to correct the problems.  On rare occasions, the disease is terminal and there is no cure except to move.

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Q.  Is Feng Shui conflicting with my religious beliefs?

A:  No. Feng Shui is not a spiritual path or a religion.  The goal achieved through Feng Shui is to improve life, not to attain enlightenment.  It is an art and science based on five thousand years of Chinese philosophy and wisdom using natural laws and observation of phenomena occurring in nature.  When you look at most of the approaches, it boils down to common sense approaches to make the building feel better.

Q:  Who needs a Feng Shui consultation?

A:  Anyone wanting to live in a healthy and harmonious environment would benefit from a Feng Shui consultation.

Anyone who (after moving to a new dwelling) begins having difficulties with health, relationships, career, or finances can use Feng Shui to remedy the problems.  It is also recommended for people who have dealt with these problems for a period of time and feel they have exhausted their resources, or for those who just want to improve on some aspects of their lives.

Before remodeling or buying a new house, a Feng Shui consultation could prevent unforeseen catastrophes.

Q:  What cause Feng Shui problems?

A:  Feng Shui problems can be man-made.  Some are pre-included with the building when we first move into it.  Its architectural construction is similar to the physical body.  Some houses are designed “handicapped” without an extremity.  Others are built with congenital illnesses such as the “diarrhea” plagued or ”anemic” house (see “What is Feng Shui?” section).  Remodeling is like having an operation done to the building, and sometimes accidents happen when it is not done properly according to Feng Shui rules.  That is why a Feng Shui consultation is recommended before remodeling to prevent post-traumatic syndrome.  Toxic chemicals and overuse of electrical equipment (causing EMF problems) lead to modern Feng Shui problems.  ”Constipation” arises from cluttering and mis-positioning furniture.  Haunted houses can be considered as having a chronic infection of ghosts.  All of these and other man-made problems can be addressed readily with Dr. Eap’s Basic and Advanced Feng Shui consultations.

The land on which the house is built carries the “genetics” and ”constitution of the property.  A well-constituted property needs no remedy and the inhabitants benefit from it greatly.  “Genetic” problems arise from the existence of underground water streams, fault lines, spirals, caves, black streams, etc…. Like any other genetic diseases, there is no cure for these natural problems;  Feng Shui can only alleviate the symptoms.

Some of the constitutional problems come from the negativity of unknown ancient burial, ritual and ceremonial sites existing in the land.  These are man-made; therefore, they can be remedied.  Land problems and remedies are addressed in the Earth Energies/Geomancy consultation.

Q:  What are Feng Shui remedies?

A:  Feng Shui remedies or cures are ways to negate or minimize Feng Shui problems.  Some of them also aim to promote life improvements such as cures for prosperity, relationships, career, etc.  Feng Shui could be as simple as moving furniture to a different location.  They could be static objects such as crystals, a picture or a statue.  They could be moving objects such as water fountains, wind chimes and mobiles.  Light and plants are also among the popular Feng Shui cures.  As more Feng Shui problems arise from modern building, modern cures are also developed such as Qi cards and anti-EMF devices (EMF refers to electromagnetic fields).

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Q:  How long does it take for the remedies to work?

A:  This varies from house to house. Some people see immediate results, but typically it takes less than six months for most of our clients. Other people might need another consultation since there can be many layers to be peeled away until the home and/or property is restored to optimal health.  It is most accurate to view a Feng Shui practitioner as a doctor, not a magician.

Q:  Is Feng Shui safe for my pets?

A:  Yes, in fact it is very safe and animals benefit from the changes just as much as humans. It is best that the pets not be present during the actual consultation since they are a potential distraction.


Q:  What is a Feng Shui consultation with Dr. Eap’s team like?

A:  Every house is unique and different from others.  Houses, properties and family vary in size and complexity.  Each of these factors (along with others) affects the depth of consultation needed. 

Q:  What are the different types of Feng Shui consultation offered by Dr. Eap’s team?

A:  These following consultations can be done all at once or one at the time:

  1. Basic Feng Shui consultation:  addresses problems arising from the architecture of the house, its contents and its surrounding environment.
  2. Advanced Feng Shui consultation:Earth Energies evaluation: addresses problems from the land constitution.
    1. Compass Feng Shui Consultation: addresses the energetic compatibility between the house and the inhabitants.
    2. Flying Stars Feng Shui Consultation: addresses the energetic compatibility of the house and universal energy within a 20 years period.  It also addresses the energetic change annually.
  3. Earth Energies evaluation: addresses problems from the land constitution.

Q:  For Basic Feng Shui consultation, you can expect?

A:  An initial interview, which is first needed to evaluate the problems you wish to address using Feng Shui.  This can be done in person or over the phone and lasts anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour.  We will need a floor plan of the property to scale and prepare for the on-site visit, which can take a few hours.

At the on-site visit, we will assess further the property and the surrounding neighborhood structurally and energetically for the problem(s).   We will go room to room with you to point out the Feng Shui problems and recommend remedies for you.  When needed, we will suggest the best locations of furniture.  This visit can last 2 to 6 hours.

A follow-up visit may be needed after a few weeks to ensure the client has carried out the remedies appropriately (between 1/2 to 3 hours).

Q:  What is the advanced Feng Shui consultation like?

A:  After the first initial interview, in addition to the property floor plan, we also need the year the house was built, the move-in date, and the birth date of each family member/employee.  We then calculate and prepare Feng Shui charts of the house and each inhabitant (averaging 1 to 4 hours per project. Note: additional time is needed for each additional inhabitant).

Afterwards, we meet you to explain the compatibility of your house and you, giving you the best and worst directions, auspicious and inauspicious areas of your home for a 20 years period or for the present year (depending on the consultation you want) and will suggest remedies needed.  Average length of consultation is 2 to 5 hours.

For a Feng Shui Consultation, please call 704-527-8089 or email us at:  DrEap@DrEap.net.

Classes & Seminars

We also offer weekend seminars, short classes and free educational classes for the general public and private audiences on Feng Shui and Geomancy.

If you are interested in having Dr. Eap’s seminars and classes, please call us at 704-527-8089 for schedule and availability of the classes.


Appointments & Cost for Feng Shui:

  • Feng Shui consultations are by appointments only.
  • Cost for onsite Feng Shui consultation is $395/hour with a minimum of one hour. Feng Shui consultation include: analyzing energy flow within the house, analyzing Feng Shui problems of the house, property, and environment. Remedies will be recommended in the consultation.
  • Cost for floor plan evaluation for clients who are house hunting is:  This service includes evaluating Feng Shui problems; no remedies will be recommended. Extra consultation time will be

-20 minutes :$160.
- 30 minutes: $225
- 40 minutes: $285
- 1 hr: $395. Additional time is $395/hr.

This service includes evaluating Feng Shui problems; no remedies will be recommended. Extra consultation time will be

  • Recommended Feng Shui remedies are sold separately and are not included in the cost for consultation. Feng Shui remedies vary for each home owner.


Dr. Eap is knowledgeable and sensitive in the field of Feng Shui.  By immediately employing the cures she suggested, we saw almost instantaneous results….. both of us experienced revitalization in our careers and subsequently an income increase.  Guests immediately comment on how nice our home is and how comfortable it feels.  We are pleased with the results we have gotten so far.

-D.V., Charlotte, NC

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